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Maryann Fraser
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Maryann Fraser still signs her paintings and sculptures Mab. This is due to the continuing use of her maiden name Maryann Burton. She began her career as professor of art having been trained at the Chelsea School of Art. For several years she worked in various art departments of colleges in the United Kingdom. Whilst still a child, her exhibitions began in 1951 at the Royal Academy of Art and continue to the present day, in France, where she now resides with her husband Michael. She has used her experiences from international travel to create many charming and authentic characters. Her series of figurative paintings, for example the Chilean festival, show with authenticity other cultures as well as domestic European landscapes, seascapes, and  other rubrics that you will see as you browse the site.



Maryann Fraser


Portrait of the artist by David Bruce


Ann, as Maryann prefers to be called, has a tendency towards the surreal which shows in much of her work. Fairies and strange creatures abound in her garden together with mosaics.

In her studio (below left) she creates her works; paintings from memory or sketches from locations and glass sculptures. Michael, her husband (seen in the photo below right) often lends a hand with framing and preparing exhibitions.

The studio is situated near Anne’s house. She works from early in the morning and sometimes ‘till late at night.

About Ann

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